Pet Travel Certificates

If you plan on travelling with your pet, the team at Arlington Dog and Cat Hospital can help ensure your pet is healthy and ready to travel alongside you! Whether it’s within the United States or outside the country, we ask that you let our veterinarians know as soon as possible, as appointments for international health certificates are extremely limited due to the time sensitive scheduling of appointments and documentation required by the USDA.

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Preparing Your Companion to Travel

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When planning your trip with your four-legged friend, we recommend researching the travel requirements for your destination. Your method of travel and destination usually require pre-planning to ensure your pet can safely travel with you. At Arlington Dog and Cat Hospital, our veterinarians are USDA accredited and can help you prepare your pet for travel, especially if you’re traveling internationally. Our team can help provide:

  • Vaccinations as required by the USDA
  • A thorough examination by a USDA certified veterinarian as well as recent travel certification & any other required documentation
  • Advice on preparing your dog or cat for your trip

Please contact us to see if we can accommodate your travel plans. Up to a year of planning is necessary to help ensure pets can enter certain countries.